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Powerade "Dayvon's Dream"

How do you take an age-old fable of an athlete rising above the odds and turn it into something memorable? Especially with a budget not nearly what Nike or Gatorade has.

The client had a first edit completed that took the path of many sports related commercials; a fast-paced in-your-face approach accompanied by hip-hop. Viewers felt the story, though highly energized was ho-hum.

Stewart chose another path dissociating from a hip-hop vibe to something that focused on universal emotion. He rewrote the script from the bottom up, as a letter from mother to son. It transformed to an intimate relationship that no matter one's age or background, we can all relate to.

When someone new views a roughcut for the first time, Stewart quietly observes them to take in the nuances of that unguarded reaction. This time it was gratifying. The client sat back, sighed deeply and simply said "Wow".
Credits: editor, writer, sound design, title design