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Alinea Restaurant
"Just Telling a Story"

What makes a great epicurean experience? How do you persuade someone visiting a website to drop $600 and more on a dinner for two? By making it succinctly personal and unforgettable.

The client had boarded out something of a Food Channel style documentary featuring Grant Achatz, a rockstar among chefs who coined the style "Mo- lecular Gastronomy". It was a how-to explaining the step by step of the kitchen process.
In the footage Stewart instead latched onto a signifi- cant passage of Grant speaking to what inspires his art-memories. Then he delved into stock image sites to augment the vision.

The result was a client who was pleasantly educated that what makes a meal (and marketing) significant is not the how, but rather why. The Chicago restau- rant is booked months in advance.

Credits: editor, sound design, title design, VFX, color grading.